Extra Care Centre and Offices at Tan y Fron, Llandudno, Wales

As a sign of the times in the UK society reflected in the construction industry, over the past few years a great number of new Care Homes have been built. The precast concrete manufacturer Treanor Pujol Ltd are part of this development and supply beam and block flooring to new Care Homes at a rate of one new project every two months. So far, out of all these projects, the biggest has been the new Extra Care Centre and Offices at Tan y Fron in Llandudno, where Treanor Pujol Ltd supplied and installed approximately 8.5 km of Deep Beam, TP225, for the main contractor Galliford Try PLC. This project is part of the £9 million Extra Care Scheme and Multi-Agency Health & Social Care Centre at Ffordd-yr-Orsedd, Llandudno (part financed by Welsh Government Social Housing Grant, with the remainder being funded by private finance arranged by Pennaf Ltd). The Tan y Fron Extra Care housing scheme will provide 46 one and two bedroom independent apartments with communal facilities, including a restaurant, hobbies room, hairdressing salon, library and cinema area, further expanding the housing choice available to the community of Llandudno. Galliford Try started construction of the Extra Care Centre in July 2012, and work is due to finish in autumn 2013.

Technical note:

At Treanor Pujol Beam and Block floors are designed to 6 different plan layouts, called “Conditions. Dependent on span lengths and applied loading beam and block layouts vary from Condition 1 to Condition 6. The 440mm x 215mm x 100mm infill blocks are usually normal density 1325 kg/m3, 7N concrete blocks. The floor depth and beam spacing depend upon the beam type (the 155mm deep House Beam TP155 or the 225 mm Deep Beam TP225). The beams are manufactured with C55/60 concrete, have the now mandatory Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE mark (BS EN 15037-1 2008) to guarantee quality, they are designed to Eurocode (EC2 EN 1992 – 1 – 1 2004), and included in composite floors detailed for thermal insulation, ventilation and other requirements given in Building Regulations.


Beam and block Conditions

Ground floor external wall detail showing ground ventilation and thermal insulation to achieve the required U-Value

Beam and Block Detail

Beam and Block Detail


Solid prestressed precast concrete wall panels

WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE ACADEMY (WYPA) – Specialist Operational Training Facility, Carr Gate, Wakefield

At a cost of over 100 million pounds West Yorkshire Police Authority are to have a new local divisional headquarters (DHQs), custody suites and a specialist operational training facility. The contract to design, build, finance and service the three Facilities was awarded to Interserve and Equitix, the infrastructure investor and developer. Funding will be provided by Aviva Public Private Finance Limited. Construction of the facilities started during the second half of 2012 and is due to finish in 2014.

Operational trainng center

The new centralized Specialist Operational Training Facility at the existing Carr Gate site, Wakefield, will have a total buildings area of approximately 20,000m2, including central Training Hub, Public Order facilities, Driver training, fire arms training block (100m (x1) and 50m (x2) firing ranges, armoury, etc.), Method of entry area, Sub-station and Gatehouse.

Treanor Pujol Ltd were contracted by Interserve to design,  manufacture,  supply and install the bespoke 200 mm solid prestressed concrete wall panels that line the three firing ranges, as well as supply the solid TP200 roof slabs to the firing ranges and the hollowcore flooring in the central Hub. 2976 m2 of solid wall panels and 4600 m2 of solid roof panels were supplied and installed between December 2012 and February 2013.  Treanor Pujol worked closely with Interserve and Jacobs the project Architects and Engineers.

Wall panel detail

The new Bow School

Bow picturesAs part of the goverment’s Academy Schools project, Bouygues UK (BYUK) has been selected as the private sector partner to deliver Tower Hamlets’ £230m Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme. Part of this development is the new  BOW SCHOOL. The structural system employed by BYUK is a storey by storey progression between casting insitu reinforced concrete walls and tying them in with precast concrete hollowcore floors.


Treanor Pujol  Ltd have been subcontracted to supply 6500 m2 of floor slabs, ranging from the 200 mm or 300 deep hollowcore in the teaching and sports areas right up to the 500mm TP500 for the heavier service loads on the roof. At this time Treanor Pujol have supplied all the flooring and the main 4 storey structure is 80% finished and on schedule.

BOW MARCH PROJECT - 02Hollowcore floor supplied by Treanor Pujol Ltd.